Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join AMTA?

Our organization was designed by massage therapists just for massage therapists. Nearly 60 years ago, a few massage therapists realized the future of massage therapy was full of promise, and that this great profession deserved its own association. Thus, AMTA was born, with benefits formed around your unique needs and a dedication to helping you advance your career as we work together to advance the entire profession. And because the profession continues to change, we do too adapting our benefits to support your evolving needs. As a member of AMTA, you will share the collective power of more than 58,000 other massage professionals. You'll be proud to say you're part of the Indiana Chapter of the AMTA!

How do I join AMTA?

Information on how to join AMTA is located on the AMTA National site at

What benefits can I expect as an AMTA member?

AMTA's Professional members receive an extensive menu of outstanding benefits: liability insurance, optional additional insurance coverage, a personal listing in AMTA's "Find a Massage Therapist"® national locator service, credit card scanner, no-fee Platinum credit card, preferred pricing on professional supplies and products for your business, local and national educational events, quarterly Indiana Chapter newsletters, Massage Therapy Journal, e-touch newsletter, community outreach grants, marketing materials to help promote your business and expand your client base, reproducible hand outs, presentation materials and several options for public relations tools. As a Professional AMTA member, this indicates that your education, training and ethics place you within the top tier of massage therapists nationwide. It's a milestone that should make you proud. (Benefits are subject to acceptance.)

How often is it necessary to renew my membership?

It is necessary to renew your membership every year.

What are the fees for AMTA members?

You may apply as a student member for up to 2 years if you are still a student. The graduate membership is available for one year after graduation. The other membership is Professional. Check current rates at

What are the requirements to become an AMTA member?

There are three ways to become a professional member or you can become an associate member by being a student at an AMTA accredited school. 1. A diploma from a COMTA-accredited program of 500 or more hours or a diploma from a current AMTA School Member program of 500 hours or more; 2. Certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. or; 3. A current AMTA-accepted license from one of the following jurisdictions.

How do I find an accredited massage school in Indiana?

You can find a list of AMTA members on our web site. The Indiana Commission of Proprietory Education (ICOPE) may be reached at 800-227-5695 and they have a complete list of State approved programs.

Does AMTA offer continuing education?

Yes. The AMTA Indiana Chapter offers excellent and varied educational opportunities. National and local presenters, doctors, and chiropractors have presented the newest and most innovative techniques available. Indiana educational meetings are highly sought-after and bring therapists from around the country. Check the events calendar for upcoming meetings.

How many CEUs are required to be an active AMTA member?

48 - which can be accumulated over a four year period. All documentation needs to be submitted to the National AMTA office to stay an active member.

How do I file a complaint regarding an esthitician or cosmetologist offering massage therapy services?

According to the Indiana Cosmetology Statute, Estheticians and Cosmetologists should be applying "massage" for the application of product and skin care only! They may not treat illness or disease, and are also required to work only within their professional training. We are just seeking that this issue be clarified to make enforcement of the law easier and to aid in consumer protection. Often, a person's first massage experience may be in a spa setting.

To file a complaint against an esthetician or cosmetologist who is performing massage therapy while working under their esthetician or Cosmetology license- Go to to download a complaint form from the Indiana Attorney General's Office. The office phone is 317-232-6201. They will forward it to the Cosmetology Board if they find it to have merit.

Should I become involved in AMTA?

Yes! Volunteerism is exciting, rewarding and vital to a well-established and successful chapter. The Indiana chapter is member-driven where your voice is heard and action is taken. Volunteers have kept this chapter going strong, even after 25 years. An hour, a day or a year - all those who volunteer are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Contact the volunteer chair or the president for more information.

Is it expensive or time-consuming to be a volunteer?

Not at all. All volunteerism is appreciated and the board makes it easy to volunteer. You tell us your schedule and if you have a preference on what you would like to do. We will match you accordingly. If it's a task that requires reimbursement, ie phone calls, copies, etc., submit the receipt to the treasurer and a reimbursement check will be sent within seven days.

Are board members, delegates and committee members elected or appointed?

Board members and delegates are elected by professional Indiana AMTA members. Committee chairs are appointed by board members, although professional Indiana AMTA members have a say in who is appointed. To find out requirements or to receive an application to become a board members or delegate, contact the nominations chair. To become appointed to a committee chair, contact the president.

Does AMTA have a Foundation for grants and scholarships?

Yes, the Massage Therapy Foundation was created in 1993 to generate, disseminate and apply the benefits of massage to a vast number in society. Since 1993, the Massage Therapy Foundation has granted over $441000 to advance research on therapeutic massage and bodywork. A variety of topics have been funded ranging from pain and stress to lymphedema.

How can I receive a research grant from the Massage Therapy Foundation?

Since 1993 the Massage Therapy Foundation has granted almost $245000 to foster massage therapy initiatives that serve populations in need. Twenty one various populations have been served ranging from low income families to hospice patients. To obtain information on funding for any of these areas, contact the national office.

Will I be on a mailing list for AMTA?

Yes, from both the national and Indiana office. The Indiana Chapter publishes the Kneaded Notes which brings members up-to-date on upcoming meetings, what the board is working on, legislative updates, member achievements, pictures and highlights from past meetings, contact information, etc. This publication is printed quarterly and is sent via the mail. All contact information is kept confidential.

If you wish to be on a list to recieve our e-mails, we prefer that you sign up through National office, or call 847-864-0123. If you are not an AMTA member you may sign up via the link on the front page of this site.

What if I am not getting my mailings?

You can first contact the National office to confirm that they have your correct and current mailing address. You can also contact the newsletter editor of the Kneaded Notes to have an additional one sent and to try to reconcile any mailing discrepancies. All address and phone number changes are the members responsibility and the National office needs to be contacted with this information.