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1 day ago

AMTA Indiana Chapter created a poll.

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Favor to ask, please:

If you do NOT open/read our emailed newsletters, could you comment as to why (not interesting, dont get them, too hard to read...). Whatever the reason, I PROMISE, I wont be mad. I wanna hear it. 

If you DO read/open the newsletters, could you comment as to what you like and do not like about them?

I would greatly appreciate your feedback so that I can begin to create a newsletter around what our member want to read about.

If you feel more comfortable emailing me your thoughts: communications@amtaindiana.org

THANK YOU! As always, your feedback is most welcomed and appreciated.  -Annette, Board Member

(goat photo just to get your attention)  :)

Sometimes I don't read them because of time- if I"m busy I think I'll come back later to read it. Also wondering, does the newsletter contain unique information? Info that has not been posted to FB, for instance?

2 days ago

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I always read it. I am currently most interested in hearing updates about the rules for our licensing law and AMTA's involvement in that. I like hearing what is happening at meetings, etc. Some of what I read has also been on Facebook (ex: AMTA's continuing ed photos and stories), but that's ok. Not everyone is active on social media. I appreciate the time put into the newsletters.

2 days ago   ·  2

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I agree with Dawn, similar take on the newsletter, though haven’t spent much time on Facebook.

2 days ago   ·  1

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Haven't been receiving the news letter but would like to see them to find out what is going on with the chapter

1 day ago

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