Meeting Minutes

November 11th 2016

AMTA Indiana Chapter Board Meeting

Date November 4, 2016
Place: Crowne Plaza, Indianapolis, IN
Present: Kimberly Pucka, LuAnn Williams, Patricia Clouse, Christine Costianes, Mary Rice, Terri Brandt
Absent: Susan Moody
Guests: Before meeting phone call with lobbyist Amy Levander, Laura Brown
Conference call with lobbyist
1-866-723-7148 6250#
Finalize draft of licensure bill.
Approve additions line by line beginning with prohibitions
Roll call and approval of agenda
LuAnn Motioned to approve
Patty Seconded
Motion Carried
Review last month conference call notes
Christine move approve
LuAnn seconded
Motion Carried
President: Kimberly Pucka
Kim suggested we plan ahead better for National convention. Plan on spending the majority of time on AMTA stuff. Plan on having dinner together at least once and remember we are always learning.
We plan on starting earlier next year, especially in contacting members. Re State board requirements.

Treasurer: Patricia Clouse
We went through 2017 budget line by line. Chris Moved to approve. LuAnn seconded.
Motion carried.
Old Business:
Sympathy thank you
Convention Recap-
-notes to improve
-gift card
News from National Board
Meritorious Award Recipient
state and National

Education for Board Members:LuAnn
Dynamics of the Board: LuAnn
Event Locations: LuAnn
Delegate /Alternate Role: LuAnn

Amta emails

Spin Web- Nt’l will no longer pay, close?

Kim read thank you note from LuAnn.
New Board structure from National was discussed. The gift cards for food worked well

Congratulate LuAnn

Convention and state education cost
How the board will change and the effects on how we vote if someone is ill
Indiana alternates are not required to go to the delegate meeting.

Old names with amta accounts

Ask for one more quarter from National
We discussed that if National can give free student memberships why can they give hardship memberships.
Would like to see National publish the list of scholarship winners.
We missed host chapter swag.

Close them

Kim will contact Mark Tyle
New Business
Education: Joe Gossett
Prospects for 2018 Spring
2018 Fall
2019 Spring
2019 propose no fall education due
to National Convention.
Joe was not here yet.

Have the board meeting before convention and the business at the state private party.
Tabled until December
Standing Rules
Volunteer Compensation Policy

We need to wait for National to send us the changes. Then will have all of the changes ready for the membership to vote on at state convention.
Patty Motioned to adjourn. Chris seconded.
Meeting adjourned.

November 6th 2016

AMTA Indiana Chapter Business Meeting
Date: November 06, 2016
Place: Crowne Plaza, Indianapolis, IN
Present: Terri Brandt, Patricia Clouse, LuAnn Williams, Susan Moody, Kim Pucka, Chris Costianes, Joe Gossett, Mary Rice, Robyn Weinrich, AMTA members
Call to Order

Kim called the meeting to order.
Pledge of Allegiance

Everyone said the pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of Silence

There was a moment of silence for the massage therapists who went before us.
Introduction of BOD and Committee Chairs Present

Kim introduced the BOD and Committee Chairs present.
Approval of Agenda
Patricia Clouse moved that we approve the agenda. Terri Brandt seconded.
The Agenda was approved unanimously.
Approval of Minutes from April 2016
Chris Costianes moved that we approve the minutes. Mary Rice seconded.
The Minutes from April 2016 were approved unanimously.
Treasurer Update - Patricia Clouse
Copies of the budget were distributed for the members Mary Rice motioned to approve the budget. Joe Gossett seconded.
The IN 2017-2018 chapter budget was approved unanimously.
GR Update - Christine Costianes
Chris discussed the new licensure bill, Engage, and encouraged members to meet with their local legislators and become their contact person for massage.

Education - Joe Gossett
For Spring Education, Joe Gossett is talking to several educators to try to set up classes in French Lick. Fall 2017 or 2018 might be Joe Muscolino. Joe invited suggestions from the members.
Members are invited to contact Joe Gossett for suggestions for education.
Delegate Report-Kim Terri Susan
No position statements or recommendations were put forward, so HOD (did a) work session.

Awards-Robyn Wenrich
Robyn explained the role of Sunshine committee/chair and how to contact her regarding birth of a child, death of loved one, other major life events and for awards. LuAnn Williams received the National Meritorious Award at 2016 National Convention and showed it to the membership.

New Business -Board Structure
National changed state board structure, eliminating the 3 Vice President titles and replacing with 2 Board Members. In 2017 the membership will be able to vote for Financial Administrator and a Board Member. Anyone can become a Board Member after one year of professional membership. Kim invited members to share any interest in running for board.

Final Comments
Just 5 positive phone calls to legislators gets their attention.
Kim shared board and member thoughts on National Convention
Newsletter is only opened by 24% of our members.
Due to the opioid crisis, the government is looking for non-opioid pain management therapies.
Kim discussed changes in National awards.
Kim announced that 2019 National Convention (23-26 October) will be held in Indianapolis, IN!
Kim invited feedback on how we can better communicate news to members.
Kim invited members to join Engage and encourage friends and peers to join Engage.
Kim invited members to join National’s task force in figuring out how to educate about human trafficking. Contact James Specker at National if interested.
Patricia Clouse moved that we adjourn. LuAnn Williams (Brenda?) seconded.
Motion carried

April 12th 2015

Date: April 12, 2015
Place: Radisson Star Plaza, Merrillville, Indiana
Present: Terri Brandt, Patricia Clouse, LuAnn Williams, Dean Berry, Kristin Engelmann, Susan Moody, Kim Pucka, Dale Stillman, Barb Lis, AMTA members, Rachel Snell of Massage Envy, Dianne ______, Joe Muscolino the Presenter

Call to order/pledge/moment of silence

Terri introduced the chapter board and committee members

Call for new business
No new business

Approval of the agenda
Arlene Loomis motioned to approve the agenda; Patty Clouse seconded. Motion passed.

Approval of the 2014 Business Meeting Minutes
______ motioned to approve the 2014 Business Minutes; ________seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Checking account balance is $8,798.53. Money market balance is $5,440.12. Investments total $16,103.87

Government Relations
Our proposed bill did not receive a hearing at the Senate.

November 6-8 2015 Bob McAtee will be Presenter of Facilitated Stretching.

World Burn Conference is coming in October. Kris invited members to let her know if they are interested in having a Burn Scar Massage Class.

House of Delegates
Barb Lis shared the recommendations on Human Trafficking. Motion to accept the recommendation to go to House of Delegates made by Arlene Loomi; Mary Rice seconded. Motion passed unanimously

New Business
Dale Stillman presented Strategic Plan and let members know it is available on the website.

Dale was presented with a stained glass AMTA emblem and thanked for his service upon his retirement.

Boris Golembo and Barb Lis briefly discussed the licensing efforts over the years in Indiana.

Nominations and Elections - Chapter Board positions
1st VP: LuAnn Williams
3rd VP: Kimberly Pucka
Treas: Patricia Clouse

Officers Installation - Oath of Office
Board officers swore to uphold the duties of office to the best of their abilities.

Nominations and Elections - House of Delegates
Delegates Running:
Christi Doolittle
Kimberly Pucka

Susan Moody nominated Patricia Clouse. Dale Stillman nominated Susan Kalver. Each candidate explained why they were running for alternate and the 31 AMTA IN Chapter Professional members voted.
1st: Susan Kalver with 15 votes
2nd: Patricia Clouse with 10 votes
3rd: Susan Moody with 4 votes

Raffle Presentations
Patricia Clouse drew names and Kimberly Pucka presented the prizes.

Final comments
No one had any final comments.

Dean moved; Dale seconded, unanimously voted to adjourn.

April 3rd 2016

Date: April 3, 2016
Place: French Lick Springs Hotel, French Lick, IN
Present: Terri Brandt, Patricia Clouse, LuAnn Williams, Dean Berry, Susan Moody, Kim Pucka, Chris Costianes, Arlene Loomis, Eileen Tucker, Joe Gossett, Mary Rice, AMTA members, Joe Muscolino the Presenter, Mike Wolff the Presenter’s Assistant
Call to Order
Terri called the meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance
Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Moment of Silence
Several therapists have lost family and friends, and have had health issues.

Introduction of BOD and Committee Chairs Present
Terri Brandt introduced the BOD and Committee Chairs present.

Approval of Minutes from November 2015
Eileen motioned to approve the Minutes from November 2015, Arlene seconded.

Approval of Agenda
Patty motioned; Dean seconded to approve the agenda.

Financial Report - Patricia Clouse
National has taken over the chapter’s books. Dean motioned and Mary seconded to approve the Financial Report as read.18,068.71 is the current balance of funds on hand.The new budget was presented and approved.

GR Update - Christine Costianes
Government Relations Report for 2016 Legislative Session

I accepted the position of Government Relations Committee Chair at last year's spring convention. I was given the name and contact information of Barbara Lis , a former Chapter President, GR Chair, Delegate, and member of the State Board of Massage Therapy. As of our first conversation, I knew that her knowledge and experience would be vital as I waded into unknown waters.

My first idea was to gather massage school owners/directors from across the state and find out what was important to them regarding the state of legislation in Indiana. With help from Rachel Snell of Massage Envy, I got a list massage schools across the state and extended an invitation to them.

The meeting was held in Lafayette on June 25th with an excellent turn out. The meeting was largely an introduction to the history of efforts that have been made to establish credibility for the profession of massage therapy in Indiana. Barb Lis was very complete in her knowledge of what has been done and why we have been hindered in passing legislation for licensing massage therapists in our state. It was very eye-opening for all attendees, and a rapport was established among them. A committee was established from only AMTA members, which consisted of Terri Brandt, Susan Moody, Kim Pucka, Barbara Lis, and me.

I met with Ed Popcheff twice during the late summer to pick his brain about what the process was for getting our legislation heard and passed, and how to proceed. (These meetings were minimally helpful.)

In retrospect, I realize that the process of writing legislation should have already been started by this time. It was October 25th before we were able to get another meeting of the school directors together, which was held at Carmel School of Massage and Healing Arts. The idea of putting a google chat group together as a way to keep everyone informed and providing an avenue for sharing ideas was brought up and accepted. We also discussed the focus of the legislation.

Over the next few month, the committee reviewed legislation from other states as well as past bills written by our chapter. We attempted to compile the best features from all of these to draft a bill that would then be forwarded to Legislative Services in order to be adapted into correct legal wording and assigned to a committee.

This process was very bogged down as Barb continually insisted on looking at more laws, getting every part written just so, and including issues that were not relevant to becoming licensed. My intention is not to point fingers of blame, but at this point, as all of the records were on Barb’s computer, I was powerless to move forward in a timely manner. We submitted our bill to LS, just inside the deadline.

This year's session was a short session due to the elections. Twice I went to the Capitol with Ed to try and persuade the committee chairs who were assigned our bill to give them a hearing and approve it. As I looked at the screens outside the committee rooms, it became clear that the agendas were already set and full with other legislation. Both the House and Senate committee chairs were not receptive. The House chair asked if it was also in a Senate committee. Her implication was that it could be their problem and not hers. The Senate committee chair insisted that self regulation was the way to go. He was completely closed and annoyed that we were taking his time. The result is that all our hours of hard work resulted in nothing more than a strong springboard for the next push, whether that is next year, or later.

We also had a chair massage event planned for the Capitol, but were forced to cancel at the last minute due to hazardous weather.

After the presentation on human trafficking that was presented at the convention in Merrillville, I attended two more conferences given by Safe Coalition for Human Rights. They were very informative in regard to the role that massage therapy plays as a front for human trafficking.

I have had some interesting conversations with our new National Director of Industry and Government Relations, James Specker. He has some ideas on how our efforts could be more effective in future attempts to achieve licensure. I would like him to address the board, and he seems amenable to coming to Indy to meet with us. (Possibly at the fall meeting).

This was definitely a learning year for me. I now feel much better equipped to move forward with more confidence. I would like to be more open and inclusive with the school directors. I would like to set up a network of massage therapists from each state legislative district who would serve as the main contact with their legislators in all things massage.

Upcoming Education - Joe Gossett
Fall 2016 Joe Muscolino teaching Lower Extremities, 16 CEUs, in November 3-6, 2016 at Wyndham Hotel in Indianapolis, IN. Price is $255 each class or $429 for both, saving $70. 32 hours total for both.

Volunteer Opportunities - Terri Brandt
We need a newsletter chair, a sunshine chair, an awards chair, historian and volunteer chair.

New Business
Angie Simon
Angie created a Facebook page called Massage Therapists Making a Difference. She gathered 16 massage therapists to collect $2500 donations and donate massage to Make A Wish Foundation.

Angie Simon was awarded Community Service Award.

LuAnn Williams was awarded the 2016 Meritorious Award.

Board of Directors
Kim Pucka ran uncontested for President. Christine Costianes ran uncontested for 2nd VP. Susan Moody ran uncontested for Secretary.
Eileen nominated Terri Brandt for Delegate and she accepted.
For Alternate Delegate: Dean nominated LuAnn and she accepted. LuAnn nominated Susan and she accepted.
Tonya Kerstiens volunteered to be an Alternate Delegate. Since there are 3 potential Alternates, a vote was taken. Tonya was first, Susan was second and LuAnn was third. (Kim Pucka is head Delegate, Christi Doolittle and Terri Brandt are Delegates.)

Officer Installation
All Board Officers swore the oath of office.

Susan motioned to close, Chris seconded. Meeting adjourned.