Frequently Asked Questions


Indiana Specific FAQ


Does my license have to be renewed?

To practice in Indiana you have to have an active license. PLA licenses renew every 4 years.

 Do I have to have continuing education?

AMTA requires 48 hours of education every 4 yrs. Indiana law requires 24 hours (once the state rules are promulgated)

I took a continuing education course, how do I put this on my account?

log into your account at where you can add continuing education hours, update your pla and other professional license # and expiration dates, and more

I have a large office, can I host an education event for you?

We are always looking for affordable options to our education offerings. Space has to be ADA compliant, hold 12-15 tables, and we have a contract for liability issues.


How do you choose your education presenters?

We choose presenters that connect with us, another state chapter has given positive feedback, surveys of our members, and requests.

How do I submit an education Provider suggestion to the amta Indiana Chapter?

You can send an email to

How do I become involved as a volunteer?

Volunteers are the heart of the state chapters. There are three types of volunteers. Elected, Committee Chairs, and committee members.  To apply click the resources tab  and fill out the application and tell us what your interests are. You will also be required to complete the code of conduct that is also under the resource tab. You can click contact to send an email or call the number in the upper corner and a real person will call you back.

Can I shadow a board position if I am interested in running at a later time?

We welcome interested members to shadow the board positions. All members can attend board meetings.

How can I submit an article to the newsletter?

We publish a state newsletter several times a year, more during legislative action and continuing education time. We welcome special guest writers. If you have something to share or want to advertise you can send it to

Can I advertise in your chapter newsletter or on your website?

Any advertising must be approved by National. Please send your requests to

I want to meet other amta members in my area, how do I organize a meet and greet?

We are excited to hear this! The steps will be added to the website soon. For now you can email

I am moving to Indiana from another state, how do I become an Indiana Therapist?

You can learn about massage therapy in Indiana at:

If you come from a licensed state that meets the minimum requirements of the Indiana statute you can choose the endorsement application for licensure

The specific information in the law is found in IC 25-21.8-5-1 Licensure by endorsement

What requirements will the new Indiana massage law require of me?

A massage therapist is an individual who is licensed under article IC 25.21.8 and practices or offers to provide massage therapy.

Persons engaged in massage therapy for compensation must be licensed by the board.

625 hours of in class education from a PLA approved massage school

PLA license number posted on advertising and marketing materials

PLA certification/license must be posted visibly at your business

Must carry a $2mil/$6mil malpractice policy

Where can I find the Indiana AMTA logo? 

We have placed the logos in a Google Drive File that you can access here:–T-z1HX27Z5bkXBJ8BBve7EWDo?usp=sharing



General AMTA FAQ


What are the benefits of being a member?

At the state level you belong to a family. Like minded therapists working together to improve our industry and support each other. You receive discounted education that the chapter sponsors and updated legislative news.

National organization benefits can be found here;

Why should I join AMTA?

AMTA is the only national non-profit association dedicated to serving members and the massage therapy profession. We endorse professional standards and support fair and consistent licensing of massage therapy.

How do I become an amta member?

You can sign up by going to this link and choosing the appropriate membership

Is it true that individuals enrolled in a massage school can have a complimentary membership?

Yes, every student can sign up for a complimentary student membership! There are lots of wonderful benefits when you become a student member, Go here to sign up today!

My school is sponsored by another organization can I still have a membership with amta?

Yes you can belong to other massage organizations, even professional members who want the benefits that both companies offer will have multiple memberships.

Is AMTA an insurance Company?

No, AMTA is a non-profit, member driven organization that offers malpractice insurance as a benefit.

AMTA has been, and will continue to be, a leader in advancing the massage therapy profession.

Where can I find the AMTA logo so I can put it on my advertising? 

An article with a link to the logo is accessed after logging in to your account:

Other FAQ Link for National Membership Frequently Asked Questions: