Humanitarian award:

A Massage Therapist who demonstrates the ‘heart’ of massage through volunteer work, which may or may not include massage, done in the larger community.  Including but not limited to: charity, church, supporting the arts, working with children, disabled, needy, sick, homeless, elderly, community outreach to populations for who massage is otherwise difficult to obtain; fundraising for same, consciousness raising, relief effort

Sports Achiever Award:

A Massage Therapist who demonstrates accomplishments in the area of sports massage, which may include but is not limited to accomplishments that enhance the visibility, prestige and acceptance of sports massage and sports massage therapists to the general public and the other components of the sports community

Meritorious Award:

This award, which honors an individual by acknowledging diligence in volunteerism accomplished in an altruistic manner, is the highest award bestowed upon an AMTA member by a chapter.

  • Qualifications: Active member in AMTA for at least one (1) year
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